The new law by The City of Amsterdam do not follow their principle.


The Amsterdam college of mayor and aldermen submitted a proposal to impose a toll on cars in the city center. They believe that making motorists pay to drive through the city center will be an effective measure to reduce traffic in the area, resulting in making the city more people-friendly.


“If you take two other buses, it takes so much time.” Jorgen is a man, living in a neighborhood of Nassankade straart. He claimed that using cars are sometimes much more convenient and that everyone should deserve to use any types of transportation. He also said that his friends will visit him less often because of pricing the streets in his neighborhoods.


Since Stop de kindermoord (Stop the child murder) the protest by the anti-car 1971 in Amsterdam, the city of Amsterdam has been careful about the safety of the streets. Nowadays, it has the traffic policy which proclaims that by 2020 the city of Amsterdam will reduce 25 % of car accidents, and this attempt to implement the new law about a toll on cars are the means to achieve their aim.


Apparently using less cars sounds friendly to people because it will help the environment and people will be able to live more comfortably with less car noises and CO2 emission. However, without car, people lose one of the most useful transportations, which will directly affect on the people’s life such as work, living place, and leisure. Moreover, four out of five of the interviewees I had were actually supportive for the City of Amsterdam, but none of them mentioned the safety and they agreed because of the environment.

The city of Amsterdam has the traumatic past of Stop de kindermoord, but the citizens are not so aware of the past back in 70s. Now these days, the streets in Amsterdam has developed until the people only care about the environment, but if they lose cars, people will fiercely seek to get back the convenience.